Drink In Fashion


The brand’s PR firm reached out to YES to develop a compelling and disruptive influencer kit for Smirnoff’s new flavored vodka set to launch during New York Fashion Week. Our challenge was to find the balance in communicating both functional and emotional benefits while driving editorial, inspiring women to embrace it as their new go-to drink and showcasing Smirnoff Sorbet Light as a category innovator.


Confectionary vodkas transformed the flavored vodka landscape and opened the floodgates of new consumer recruitment, targeting women who were quick to spread word via their social networks. Among the competitive set, Smirnoff had an opportunity to lead the way by redefining a new flavor experience with strategic positioning and a wow media and influencer launch kit.


We brought the product to fashion forward life with a raspberry, lace-up, peep-toed bootie, mounting it on plexiglass as a stand-alone statement and inserting a full size bottle of Smirnoff Sorbet Light as the centerpiece. We custom designed each element of the branded, flavorful, fashion “dream box” with matching three-flavor details, including snap enclosures, a co-promotion with three “flavors” of OPI nail polish (bottles included), a lipstick web key containing press and media product information.

What we did


Shaken And Stirred: Drinks Are On Us

To complement the fashionable consumer product launch for Smirnoff Sorbet Light, we stirred excitement for Smirnoff’s global sales team with a B2B informational kit complete with a full size bottle of vodka, a pair of branded, frosted cocktail glasses, and custom glass swizzle sticks showcasing the product’s three flavor offerings.